Based in Hockessin, Delaware, EME is a software engineering services company
run by Eric Montellese, a software engineer with twenty years of development experience.
EME projects may involve Eric, or a small EME team.


I’m often asked why I’ve been contracting for so long. The answer is that I thrive on facing new challenges and learning new things. I enjoy being up late at night solving an “impossible problem” for a client in the 11th hour (though I prefer to get involved sooner so that I can help your team avoid those last minute fixes!)

There is a surprising amount of bad software out there. EME is on a mission to seek and destroy it. EME can incubate a project from it’s initial design, but can also fix problems in legacy or purchased third-party code. We’ve seen it all. See who we’ve worked with in the past.




Embedded Linux and Cross-platform projects

  • Low-level C code, System Security, ARM TrustZone, System Daemons
  • Higher level application code and middleware
  • Cross-discipline knowledge and experience (CI/CD, setting up Git tools and flows, working with Docker and LXC, connecting embedded systems to the cloud)

Computer Vision

  • Embedded Linux solutions
  • Windows Applications in MS Visual Studio
  • Experience integrating legacy code using MS Interop
  • Java cross-platform experience

Technical Leadership

  • System Architecture and Project Start-up Consulting
  • Software design and scheduling / project planning
  • Windows and Linux software architecture
  • Team organization and project-planning
  • Agile Development (previously SAFe Certified)

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