Embedded Linux and Cross-Platform Projects

Most modern software projects are not confined to a single platform, software language, or system.  Instead, each sub-system must communicate with other areas of the larger system.  EME has significant experience in embedded Linux, but also integrates these systems with the large project as a whole.  From CI/CD to automatic updates, cloud computing to realtime video analysis or streaming.  A few examples:

  • “Over the Air” software updates and data harvesting and analytics.
  • “Internet of Things”
  • Container creation (Docker, LXC)
  • Android Applications
  • Computer Vision
  • BluRay and DVD (Particularly data flow, encryption, and security, including ARM TrustZone)
  • General-purpose cryptography and security
  • Streaming video / video transcoding / GStreamer
  • Real-time video and graphics rendering
  • Other settop box and SOC development
  • Bitbucket, Jenkins, Nexus, and other enterprise development and continuous integration and deployment tools
  • Custom security and user interface software for medical devices
  • Experience bringing software through rigorous certification testing