Embedded Linux and Cross-Platform Projects

Embedded Linux and Cross-Platform Projects

Most modern software projects are not confined to a single platform, software language, or system.  Instead, each sub-system must communicate with other areas of the larger system.  EME has significant experience in embedded Linux, but also integrates these systems with


EME has been involved in the development of products, as a member of and leading engineering teams for high-profile customers, such as: Please check my Resume for more details.

Technical Leadership

EME can help “incubate” your project and, with your input, provide the technical know-how to design the software architecture and release process. EME will give you the framework you need and then hand the project off to your team, as

Computer Vision

Pupil Detection for Maculogix Pupil finding is not a new problem, but hardware processor constraints, illumination imperfections, movement blur, lens fog, and even dark makeup can take a simple problem and make it quite complicated. Below is an example of